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Sunday Coupon

Reader Question – CVS Strategies

Myrah sent me some great questions about CVS shopping the other day. I’m hoping I can help!

Shawna, if I have more than one coupon for the same item, for example the Soy bar, can I use it more than once a CVS?

I have been going to CVS and practicing and have been . . . → Read More: Reader Question – CVS Strategies

Another TERRIFIC Reader Question

Shawna some of these offers for a free product, ask you to first sign up for a 30 day trail, with your credit card, I don’t feel comfortable giving them my card, as I might forget to cancel the trial and get stuck with that fee. Is there a way to get the free . . . → Read More: Another TERRIFIC Reader Question

Coupon Lesson: Gathering, organizing, and using coupons

I got a great email from Kirkshinta the other day.

A friend directed me to your site. I desperately need to save money. I am a person new to couponing and have no idea where to begin. Could you share with me how you go about gathering coupons, from where, and how your organize . . . → Read More: Coupon Lesson: Gathering, organizing, and using coupons

Shopping at CVS

Personally, I think shopping at CVS is a lot easier than shopping at Walgreens. There aren’t as many types of store coupons, and they only have one kind of promotion. Let’s take a look at how shopping at CVS works.

CVS Store Coupons Item coupons – these are coupons that print at the end . . . → Read More: Shopping at CVS

Reader Question – Free Stuff

I got a great reader question the other day from MethBarie:

What do you think about ads on Facebook that offer a bunch of “free” stuff if you buy other stuff? Like the Macbook Air ad that if you just buy something from 6 promo companies, you’ll get the Macbook, an iphone, and an . . . → Read More: Reader Question – Free Stuff

Intro to Shopping at Walgreens – lesson 2

In our previous discussion, we looked at the various Walgreens specific coupons and how to use them. Today, I want to take a look at Walgreens EasySaver Rebate program. There has been some speculation that this program is ending in April, but I know of no hard and fast evidence for this.

Every . . . → Read More: Intro to Shopping at Walgreens – lesson 2

Intro to Shopping at Walgreens – lesson 1

I’ve had some discussions with folks lately, and we all agree there’s a lot to remember when you’re coupon shopping, especially when you’re trying to keep track of all the store policies. So hopefully this series of lessons for shopping at Walgreens and CVS will help us all out. I’m sure I’ll be back . . . → Read More: Intro to Shopping at Walgreens – lesson 1

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