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Sunday Coupon

Run, Don’t Walk, to Aldi!

Bread is on sale at the Aldi on Mattis! $.50 for the loaves like the one above and $.25 for split top wheat bread. The bread we got was dated Sept 10, but we put it in the freezer, so it should keep well for some time! (Can you tell it was in . . . → Read More: Run, Don’t Walk, to Aldi!

Where would we be without Aldi?

Yesterday, I needed to go to the store. We were about out of milk, so of course, I went over to Aldi. Where else can you get milk for $1.99? And I was only going to get milk. I wasn’t going to get anything else. Yeah, well, you know how that goes. They had . . . → Read More: Where would we be without Aldi?

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