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The More Things Change…..

Victoria is changingVictoria is changing, originally uploaded by victoriapeckham

There have been a lot of changes in the Coupon Lady Online household over the last couple of months. We’ve paid off our mortgage, I’ve been promoted at work again, and I’ve decided to turn my life around and try to get back to my grad school weight—for real this time. All of these things have caused us to review our spending habits.

And that’s led me to wonder what the future of Coupon Lady Online might be. Our lives are a lot different than they were when Coupon Lady Online started a little over three years ago. Hubby and I both make more money, and now our expenses are quite few, given our lack of mortgage. The time I have to devote to couponing and blogging just isn’t as much as it used to be. With more responsibility at work comes more time spent working.

So what am I planning to do? Well, here’s the thing. I love blogging. I’m passionate about it. I love helping people live within their means. I love hearing the delight in someone’s voice when I tell them how to get staple items for free to very little with a minimal amount of effort.

But don’t think me a hypocrite. Hubby and I spent $40 on groceries yesterday. A year ago, that number would just have been laughable. We’d never spend that much! But that doesn’t mean I still don’t believe in the message of frugal living and coupon shopping. I do. I’m in a bit of a couponing slump I think, too. I think everyone has them. I spent a few weeks a while ago where it seemed like every coupon I wanted to use turned into a battle at the register. It just got tiring. I let a few excellent coupons expire due to just plain old disorganization, and it was really frustrating.

So what am I trying to say? Good question. I think I’m trying to say, please bear with me as I discover what Coupon Lady Online is going to become while I figure out where hubby and I are going in our post-mortgage lives. I still want to help people save money and shop smarter using coupons. I still want to save money and shop smarter using coupons, for that matter!

1 comment to The More Things Change…..

  • Sharon

    Thanks for the update. Even if you never used one more coupon in your life (not that I’m suggesting you do that!), look at what your scrimping and saving has allowed you to do already?? That is an awesome achievement! Congrats on your promotion!

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