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Carmex Orange Moisture Plus: Review

I have a confession to make. I’m something of a lip balm junkie. If I don’t have lip balm within arm’s length, I’m not a happy girl. And I LOVE Carmex. I’ve never seen a Carmex I didn’t like. The Moisture Plus is one of my favorite lines of Carmex. I’ve had the opportunity to try multiple types of Carmex as part of their Blogger Outreach program. They’ve most recently sent me a new flavor of their Moisture Plus: orange. And it’s amazing.

The flavor was really great, not too strong, but you could definitely get the hint of orange flavor. It’s not tinted, and I actually kind of liked that. I’ve most recently used the tinted Moisture Plus, and I thought I might miss the tinting. I also really liked how long the moisture lasted. I didn’t have to reapply it nearly as frequently as I have to reapply other lip balms. The angled end makes it super easy to apply. I hate when I feel like I have clown lips because there’s lip balm all around my lips, not just on my lips. I love the SPF 15, and then there’s my favorite part about Carmex: they don’t test on animals!

I really only had one minor problem with this product. After being in my purse for a few hours in the car, it was really soft. I think I should have let it cool off just a bit before using it. If it gets too warm, it gets a bit harder to apply. But that is a very minor point compared to all of the positives.

Are you a Carmex fan? Or do you love some other lip balm? Have you tried any of the Moisture Plus options from Carmex?

I received a free Carmex Orange Moisture Plus as part of the Carmex Blogger Outreach program. All opinions are my own.

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