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Sunday Coupon

Can You Say Shopping Spree?

Last night I went on a whirlwind shopping adventure. I went to 5 stores, and I got a whole ton of stuff, and I paid very little out of pocket. So basically it was my favorite type of shopping trip. Here’s what I got:

And here’s where I got it:

Meijer Transaction #1

5 Kraft brick cheese – $1.99 ea w/$5 cat wyb 5
I used 2 $1/2 Kraft cheese blinkies

Total Cost: $10.05
Coupons: $2
OOP: $8.05

And I got back a $5 cat which I then used for….

Meijer Transaction #2

10 Corn Pops MixIt – $.99 ea w/$10 cat wyb 10

Total Cost: $10
Cats: $5
OOP: $5

And I got back a $10 cat. So not a bad Meijer shopping trip.


3 Crystal Light Pure – $1.97 ea
Used 3 $2 coupons adjusted to $1.97
1 Deli Flats – $1.99
Gave them my $.60 coupon, but realized when I got home that it didn’t come off… boo!

Total Cost: $7.98
Coupons: $5.96 (got $.05 for bringing my bag!)
GC: $2.02

I also wanted to get the DiGiorno single serve deep dish pizzas that are on sale for $2 this week, but they didn’t have any. So I went to Walmart and price matched.


4 DiGiorno deep dish pizzas – $2
Used 4 $2 printables.

Total Cost: $8.08
Coupons: $8
GC: $.08

Walgreens Transaction #1

Crayola Crayons – $.85 after 15% off coupon

Total Cost: $.92
GC: $.92

And I got back $1 RR.

Walgreens Transaction #2

3 Penway Jumbo Crayons – $.16 ea
2 Penway 10pk Pencils – $.08 ea
1 Crayola Markers – $2.55

Total Cost: $3.47
Cats: $1
GC: $2.47

And I’ll get back a $3 mail in rebate for the markers.


8 Sobe Lifewaters – $2.09/B1G1
I used 8 B1G1 printables

Total Cost: $9.09
Coupons: $8.36
GC: $.73

Whew! So it was quite the day of shopping indeed. I spent $13.05 out of pocket for $49.59 worth of stuff. I’ve still got a $10 Meijer catalina, and I’m sending in a $3 mail in rebate. All in all, not too shabby.

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