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Reader Question – CVS Strategies

Myrah sent me some great questions about CVS shopping the other day. I’m hoping I can help!

Shawna, if I have more than one coupon for the same item, for example the Soy bar, can I use it more than once a CVS?

I have been going to CVS and practicing and have been saving a lot, but not getting many free stuff, what is the secret?

1) Is it using coupons for items that are so cheap that when you apply the coupon, it comes out to be free?

2) Do I only buy items that are rewarding you with BUCKS so that in turn I get Award Bucks? I am trying to get the hang of it, but I always end up paying a minimum of $15 per visit, how can I avoid this?

Ok, first, using coupons at CVS. You can read a more in depth CVS discussion in my CVS tutorial.

SoyJoy is a great example. Let me explained how the SoyJoy deal worked the other week. SoyJoy was 4/$4, with $4 ECBs. The limit was 5. That means you could buy up to 20 SoyJoys and get $20 ECBs back. You can buy the 20 in any combination of transactions. It didn’t have to be all together. There was a coupon for $1/5. So I did 4 transactions where I bought 5 SoyJoy bars. After the coupon, each transaction came to $4 plus tax. In total, I spent $16, but I got back $20 in ECBs. So buying the SoyJoys made me $4! Since I had already accumulated some ECBs, I spent those and got more ECBs back. That’s called rolling the ECBs, and that’s one great way to keep your out of pocket down.

Using coupons for items so that they are free is also a good strategy. You can use buy 1, get 1 coupons on buy 1, get 1 sales at many CVS’s, so both items will be free. You also may find that combining MFCs with CVS coupons will get you items for free.

Personally, I usually buy items that have bucks, but not always. I try to roll my bucks as much as possible, but sometimes you just have to burn them.

There’s an initial period of building your bucks, but once you have a good supply, you’ll likely find reasonably good ways to roll them. Some weeks are better than other, but I find that my average number of bucks stays pretty constant.

I really hope that this has been helpful! As always, if you have more questions, send them my way.

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