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Sunday Coupon

This week’s CVS deals

Want to see the flier? Check out Hot Coupon World or i heart cvs.

Deals? What deals? What a slow week at CVS. No freebies. :( And really nothing I’m dying for. There’s $2.79 milk w/$1 ECBs in some regions. That’s a pretty good deal for milk. Other than that, zzzz. Hopefully a . . . → Read More: This week’s CVS deals

This week’s Walgreens deals

Want to see the flier? Check out Hot Coupon World or i heart wags.


Ecotrin 45 ct tablets – $2 w/$2 RR. There’s a $2.25 coupon over at SmartSource. This will only work if your store will adjust the coupon down. If they will, great MM!

Bayer/Breeze 2 Meters – $10 w/$10 RRThere’s . . . → Read More: This week’s Walgreens deals

Reader Questions

I got a couple more great reader questions the other day, so let me try to answer them!

Hey Shawna,just for curiosity, What happens when you use a coupon that is more than what the items costs on sale? Do you do that just because they will be free after using that particular coupon? . . . → Read More: Reader Questions

Using up free item coupons

Apparently, I’m losing my mind. I let 2 free item coupons expire the other day. I was very upset. Well, not again. I had several that were expiring the end of the week, so we took a trip to Meijer.

1 Wheat Thins – $3.58, used free item coupon1 Planters Trail Mix Pouches . . . → Read More: Using up free item coupons

Grand Giveaways!

Well, I’m continuing to enjoy my vacation. I’m having a great time with some old friends that I haven’t seen in far too long. I visited a place where I worked years ago. That was a little strange. Seems the more things change, the more they stay the same. DH had a relatively uneventful . . . → Read More: Grand Giveaways!

Coupon Lesson: Gathering, organizing, and using coupons

I got a great email from Kirkshinta the other day.

A friend directed me to your site. I desperately need to save money. I am a person new to couponing and have no idea where to begin. Could you share with me how you go about gathering coupons, from where, and how your organize . . . → Read More: Coupon Lesson: Gathering, organizing, and using coupons

Head on over to Sweeties Swag to find out how to get free chocolate!

Sweeties Swag is a great place to find out how to get great stuff for free! She posted about a coupon for a new chocolate bar called Fling. Find out how to get a coupon for yourself.

Welcome WICD Viewers!

Well, apparently several of you were watching the 10 o’clock news last night, based on my referrer statistics. Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for watching. I thought I sounded mildly idiotic, but not too bad. And I’m quite certain the camera adds 45 lbs. At least. Maybe more.

Anyway, you didn’t come here . . . → Read More: Welcome WICD Viewers!

Why I Enter Giveaways

So as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I have a post full of giveaways every so often. Some folks don’t really see the point in entering giveaways. After all, you probably won’t even win, right?

Wrong! I’ve won much more than I ever would have anticipated entering giveaways. I got a two boxes the other . . . → Read More: Why I Enter Giveaways

What I got at Walmart

So this morning, I met a team from WICD to do a piece on coupon shopping. I thought it went pretty well, but boy was I nervous. And I completely fell over my words a few times, but in the end, I think it was ok.

Here’s what I got:

So the first time . . . → Read More: What I got at Walmart

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