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Sunday Coupon

Free Sample of Hellmann’s Light Mayo

Head on over to Hellmann’s to snag a free sample of their light mayo!

RIP EasySaver rebates…


Guess I’ll have to write my Walgreens tutorial again….

i heart wags: easy saver rebate program ending

Late night shopping

Man… DH and I have been working a million hours lately. My boss approved some time off for me today, though, so there is light at the end of the tunnel! Now the question is do I want to fly or not? I’m something of an alarmist, so this whole swine flu thing has . . . → Read More: Late night shopping

Run to Walgreens

So I have about a million Nivea coupons, and so far I have used a grand total of one. I need to get my tush to Walgreens!Here’s what I got today:

Transaction #1

1 Nivea – $4.99 w/$5 RR, used $1 MFC1 Ecotrin – $2 w/$2 RR, used $2.25 MFC adjusted to $21 . . . → Read More: Run to Walgreens

CVS trip — today!

Yes, believe it or not, I’m posting this trip on the day it actually happened!

So I tried to do the ROC deal. It worked out almost perfectly. They only had 5 of the $3.99 items, so I ended up with 2 $5.99 items. It was ok, still a moneymaker.

5 ROC cleansers . . . → Read More: CVS trip — today!

This week’s Walgreens deals

Want to see the flier? Check out Hot Coupon World or i heart wags.


Bayer Quick Release Crystals 4ct – $2.49 w/$2.49 RR. If you can get some of the $1 coupons from the tearpads at CVS, you can make this a moneymaker. I haven’t gotten my hands on any personally.

Ecotrin 45 . . . → Read More: This week’s Walgreens deals

This week’s CVS deals

Want to see the flier? Check out Hot Coupon World or i heart cvs.


Garnier Fructis shampoo, conditioner, or styler – $2.99 w/$2 ECB LIMIT 1, use $1 MFC from 1/4 Vlassis to make this free!Bandaid Bandages, prices starting at $1 – use $1 MFC from 2/8 SS and get these free. . . . → Read More: This week’s CVS deals

Yesterday’s Trip to CVS

I seem to be consistently a day behind. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me? I can make excuses about working quite a bit lately, but no one wants to hear that. You want to see the deals! And so you shall.

At this point you may be wondering approximately . . . → Read More: Yesterday’s Trip to CVS

Yesterday’s Trip To Walgreens

As you may know, yesterday was Earth Day! Because I’m a putz, I didn’t make up a list of Earth Day freebies, but I hope you find the one over at I Am a Money Magnet!. Hopefully you did read her post, and you knew about the great deal going on at Walgreens yesterday.

. . . → Read More: Yesterday’s Trip To Walgreens

Shopping at CVS

Personally, I think shopping at CVS is a lot easier than shopping at Walgreens. There aren’t as many types of store coupons, and they only have one kind of promotion. Let’s take a look at how shopping at CVS works.

CVS Store Coupons Item coupons – these are coupons that print at the end . . . → Read More: Shopping at CVS

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