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Intro to Shopping at Walgreens – lesson 2

In our previous discussion, we looked at the various Walgreens specific coupons and how to use them. Today, I want to take a look at Walgreens EasySaver Rebate program. There has been some speculation that this program is ending in April, but I know of no hard and fast evidence for this.

Every month, Walgreens releases a new EasySaver Catalog. This catalog contains coupons (ESC) as well as rebate information. You can find the catalog on the Walgreens website or in-store. The rebates sometimes make the item free or simply give you a discount. For instance, this month, Axe Shampoo, Conditioner or Stylers, 2.64 or 12 oz. are free after rebate. If you purchase an Axe Shampoo, Conditioner or Stylers, 2.64 or 12 oz., you can submit your receipt, and Walgreens will reimburse you the purchase price (minus tax). You may use MFC on rebate items, and if you do, you will receive the full purchase price back, including the coupon value. So if Axe Shampoo, Conditioner or Stylers, 2.64 or 12 oz. is $6.99, and I have a $1 coupon, I will receive the full $6.99 back from Walgreens, even though I paid only $5.99. This is an excellent way to make money with the Walgreens rebates! Another way is to have them credit your rebate to a Walgreens gift card. When you get your rebate back on a gift card, instead of in a check, they will give you an extra 10%. So in our previous example, if I used the $1 coupon and had them give me the money back on a gift card, I would get back $6.99+10%=$7.69 for my $5.99 purchase, a profit of $1.70! After a few months, you’ll likely find the program to be self-sustaining. What do I mean? Well, you’ll have enough money on your Walgreens gift card to purchase all the rebate items you want for the month, without paying anything OOP, then get what you spent plus 10% back when you submit your rebates! Does that make sense? You can just keep rolling the rebates back onto the same gift card.

I strongly suggest signing up for the online version of this program. You can send the receipts through the mail, but it is much slower. You can sign up here. The turnaround time is about 4 days after you submit your rebate if you have them credit it to a gift card you already have.

One thing to remember, though. You can only submit 1 rebate request a month! This means that you have to wait until you have purchased all the rebate items you plan to buy for the month before requesting any money. Once you submit your rebate for processing, you cannot add any more items to your rebate request. The website is very good about warning you that you are submitting and no more items will be accepted. Feel free to add your receipts as you get them, just don’t click the “Claim Rebates Now” button until you know you won’t be adding any more items.

Ok, well, I think that is our Walgreens introduction. Let me know if something is unclear. I’m happy to explain further.

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