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Sunday Coupon

Another Walgreens Run

DH is so nice. He took me to Walgreens before work. I know! And we were just there last night! I read about some deals at Hot Coupon World, and I wanted to check them out to see if I could get in on any of them before the end of the month. I . . . → Read More: Another Walgreens Run

More Gillette Fusion!

After looking most of the week, I finally found some more Gillette Fusions today! I had 2 coupons left to use, and I was very happy to find some more.

Check your email, too. I got a $5/$30 to CVS that expires on Sunday. I know I always say that I’m not sure . . . → Read More: More Gillette Fusion!

Sometimes I use ECBs just to watch them burn

So here’s the story. I had $12 in ECBs that were expiring tomorrow. I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to roll them, but I didn’t come up with any deals that were really that great. So DH suggested I just burn them. Think of something I wanted and . . . → Read More: Sometimes I use ECBs just to watch them burn

$5 Dinners: Meijer $50 Gift Card Giveaway

Want to win some free groceries?? I mean, really, who doesn’t? 5dollardinners.com is giving away a $50 Meijer giftcard! What are you still doing here? Go over and enter already!

$5 Dinners: Meijer $50 Gift Card Giveaway

I’m not terribly brand loyal, but there are a few things….

Last night I took a friend of mine on a Walgreens and CVS run. She’s learning the ropes of couponing, and she did a great job! I did at little shopping, too. Tonight I went back to Walgreens. I ordered coupons for the first time from The Coupon Clippers, and they came today! I . . . → Read More: I’m not terribly brand loyal, but there are a few things….

You can’t always make money at CVS….

It’s true. I went to CVS and left with less money than I came with. $0.76 to be exact. I’m learning to live with it. How did this travesty occur, you ask? Well, we were about out of Kleenex again. I know! Didn’t I just buy some? Apparently snot is flowing like wine around . . . → Read More: You can’t always make money at CVS….

Super V-day shopping

What’d you do for Valentine’s Day? Anything fun? DH took me out to dinner. It was a lot of fun! He got me more sleeves for my coupon binder (yay!) and a paint by numbers set. It was great! Oh, and he got me the greatest balloon ever. It’s a huge monkey wearing boxer . . . → Read More: Super V-day shopping

Gotta love a $5/$30

So as I mentioned, I got a $5/$30 in my email the other day. I was pretty excited. :) DH and I stopped on our way home from work. It took me forever! He’s such a good sport. I even started checking out once, and I had to have the cashier void the transaction, . . . → Read More: Gotta love a $5/$30

Check your email!

I just got a $5/$30 from CVS good through Sunday…. Hmm… maybe this will help me roll those ECBs I was talking about??

Keep those ECBs a-rollin’

On our way home from the gym this morning, I talked DH into stopping at Walgreens. He’s such a sport. There’s free Scrubbing Bubbles and Windex this week with the coupons from Right@Home and the Walgreens Easy Saver Rebate. They are on sale 2/$5 this week. There is a $1 rebate for each one . . . → Read More: Keep those ECBs a-rollin’

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