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Sunday Coupon

Great Walgreens Deals!

I have one thing to say: woo hoo. I was very pleased with my completely last minute run to Walgreens today. I had no intention of going there when I got up this morning, but then I heard about the great Russell Stover’s deal from Hot Coupon World, and I simply had to get in on it.

So here’s what I got:
2 Colgate
2 4 packs of Bic Soliel blades
2 Walgreens tissues
2 Russell Stovers
1 Glade Wisp starter kit
1 L’Oreal Paris Serum
1 Bald Guyz wipes
1 Right Guard 
1 Christmas Light timer
Now, two of my receipts have flown the coop, so some of this is from memory. But I think it’s pretty close to being right!
Total Cost: $68.01
Coupons: $10.99
RR: $14
GC: $43.02
OOP: $0
And I’m getting back $47.28 in rebates! The Russell Stover has a $10 rebate when you buy 2, and they were $4.99 each! And I had a coupon for B1G1 Russell Stover bags. I didn’t think it would work, but the cashier said she was willing to try it. And the computer didn’t complain! So I was happy about that. The L’Oreal is on rebate again this month. And the Glade Wisp isn’t listed in the book, but a lot of stores have signs out that it counts for rebate #36. So this was a profit of $4.26. Keep your eyes out for a 4 day sale again next week. Buy $25 worth of stuff BEFORE COUPONS and get $5 back. That’s part of what got me out today. I got 2 $5 coupons doing these transactions to use in the other transactions! (Does that make any sense?)
So here’s the best part of this story…. In my second transaction, I had something of an upset. The Bald Guyz wipes were $1 less than I thought they were going to be, and I didn’t notice. So I finished the transaction, and no $5 RR printed. So I tried to figure out what happened, and I found that I was about $0.75 short. Well, it was worth $5, so I went back, and I asked if I could just return everything and do it all again, including one more item. They said don’t bother, and they just gave me one of the $5 RR from their envelope. They’re Walgreens coupons, so it’s not like they have to mail them anywhere. Anyhow, that was pretty nice of them. I was impressed.

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