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Sunday Coupon

Thanksgiving Morning

So what does your wife do on Thanksgiving morning? Here’s what mine does:

After going for an early morning Christmas shopping run, I return to an empty house. Where is she? The parade starts in 10 minutes! I knew she had a deal at CVS to do, but she really wanted to see the parade. She had to be back soon. A few minutes later she arrived with bags of goodies she “bought.”

“I spent money!” she says exasperated that she actually gave them money and not just coupons for her treasures. “I forgot about the new register programming, so I gave her the coupons out of order and the register wouldn’t take the last one.” The amount? An estimated $2.50 for $60+ worth of product. (I was told later that day that the morning shopping was really more like negative $4, lest you think, horror of horrors, she really did give them money. It was probably on gift card anyway.) So the next thing to do is line them up like toy soldiers:

“Can you bring me the deodorant, please?” By this time, she’s putting them away. She’s been telling me she’s worried about getting Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe we should put this away later. So I bring the deodorant, going back and forth because I can’t carry everything in one trip, and what do I see?

Now, I’m as OCD as the next guy, but perhaps this is getting out of hand.
“The closet has been bothering me. I think I can make more room.” (This is the woman who was worried about getting things together for dinner, remember?) She was, of course, completely right. And after she was done, there was room for another Sauve deal, or at least a good two dozen tubes of toothpaste. (Guess what you’re getting in your gift basket this year?)

So the next time your wife goes to the store with her coupon binder with the special child seat cart adapter, remember this one thing. She’s saving that money on everyday things so you can spend on special things. Like power tools. Well, only if they run on BuddiesTM soaps. Seriously though, go think up something nice for your wife for Christmas, and she’d be extra happy if you use a coupon!


The DH

– My wife has a coupon for that.

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