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Sunday Coupon

I actually spent OOP at Walgreens!

I can’t remember the last time I spent actual money at Walgreens. It’s been forever! But the deal was too good to pass up. If you’re signed up for Walgreens emails, you got a link to this coupon for $10 off a $40 purchase. I must admit, when I first saw it, I decided . . . → Read More: I actually spent OOP at Walgreens!

We like chicken…..

But we don’t like paying full price for chicken. Last year Schnuck’s had a deal. We got boneless chicken breast for $1.69 a lb. That was in October. We hadn’t bought chicken since then… until last week. I went to get some chicken for dinner a few weeks ago, and I was amazed to . . . → Read More: We like chicken…..

Guest Post – Savings @ Target

It is my great pleasure to have Joanna from Raising Baby on a Shoestring Budget with a guest post today. She’s a busy lady with an adorable little boy. She’s also a world-class saver. So take it away, Joanna!!

I don’t have spare time. My 5 month old son is a high need . . . → Read More: Guest Post – Savings @ Target

I love Walgreens and CVS

So I stopped by Walgreens and CVS this afternoon. After looking for some deals later in the week last week, I decided to pounce early. If Walgreens was out of Hershey’s Bliss, the world was going to have a problem. You don’t want to keep a woman from her chocolate, now do you? :) . . . → Read More: I love Walgreens and CVS

Catching up

Ok, I knew it. I lapsed. It’s true. The bandwagon left, and there I was standing around looking stupid. While I have been getting some great deals, my blog has been neglected. I’m sorry! But I’m back. I’ve got a great deal to tell you about. So here we go:

Walgreens! It’s August, so . . . → Read More: Catching up

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